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Igniting the Sleeping Giant and Unleashing Human Potential

Given the challenges men face today in South Africa and the world, this topic is more purposeful, relevant and urgent. MEN have a greater responsibility. Men hold positions of power and have a bigger influence. We are leaders in many respects and we have an obligation to lead and guide society. Today many respectable men […]

My Favourate Top 50 Quotations from Llama Confessions

Poverty retards and undermines people’s capacity to think, to learn and to grow. The scourge of poverty works against the rights of the poor and their dignity. Sunlight has become comparable to truthfulness and faithfulness. Many people are sincere, but less faithful, at least to themselves. In life, three types of hunger exist: sexual hunger, […]

Become a Disruptor

  There is much talk about CAPTURE in South Africa. State Capture. I want to suggest that we also have another Capture. Youth Capture. Our youth is captured/consumed by popular things: materialism, substance abuse, sex and also social media. Connectivity has made it possible for all of us to reach out to other people across […]

LIFE is a canvas

  We are born with a blank canvas. Individually, we are responsible for the pictures of our lives. When we grow up we acquire the tools (paint brushes, oils, etc) for painting. We are born to become successful. We deserve to be happy. Happiness is the greatest invention in our lifetime. Many people do not […]

Paying tribute to the PEOPLE who matter most

Previously, I have been asked why I chose Bolivia as a setting for my book. I assume the answer lies in me securing a sponsorship to embark on a study tour to Bolivia, Chile and Nicaragua. If this wasn’t the case, I would never have known Bolivia, its people and the llamas. As they say, […]

Mental health is the wealth of our nation

Mental health should become every nation’s wealth. South Africa is no different from any other country or nation whose people experience debilitating mental illnesses caused (directly or indirectly) by myriad factors. That is to say, mental ill-health is a global phenomenon. A journey to recovery. Gauteng, specifically Johannesburg, is the economic heart-beat and powerhouse of […]

Life is a pendulum. Do you know your pivotal point?

In recent times we’ve experienced unprecedented pendulum swings in global politics, trade relations, human rights, wars and conflicts, etc. In particular, American politics have taught us that you can never take anything for granted. Populism is having an upper hand over democracy. Individualism over collectivism. The unintended consequences of some of these unfolding events and […]

Life is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride

For obvious reasons, I love Cape Town. My career began there in 1988 and l never looked back. Travelling to the Cape of Good Hope has become a pilgrimage. The National road (N1) between Johannesburg and Cape Town is a journey less travelled. Flying has become a norm. I don’t have a problem with flying, […]