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LIFE LESSONS FROM THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC – So, what am I learning from the lockdown?

The corona virus has laid bare issues about our levels of preparedness against crises situations. Humans have been caught napping, but for the right reasons. We’ve become too detached from nature. When I heard about this virus, I wasn’t particularly surprised because there are so many wrong things we’ve done to nature, which have had […]

What is TOUReason and why is it so important?

TOUReason is about making travel and tourism purposeful. It is about identifying potential benefits of our virtual or physical travel activities. This is informed by our destination choices and it is outcomes-based. When we choose an activity such as hiking, trekking the forest, kayaking, bungee jumping, bird spotting, visiting places of worship or cultural hotspot, […]

A Readiness Matrix for Hotels

Every business entity must always be ready to serve its customers. Customers pay and anticipate something in return, in the form of a product or a service. These entities must live by their visions and missions. A business must do what it set out to do, such as maintaining: quality standards, good service, affordable products […]

My top 5 shocking hotel and restaurant experiences

  I think I am faithful to the hotel and travel industry. Like so many people, I consider myself well-travelled, in South Africa and globally. Both for business and pleasure. My experiences vary from different hotels and various restaurants. I have gathered lot of wonderful memories. The ambience in some of these hotels and décor […]

The Future of Local Government: From Ratepayers to Customers

It is an open secret that South Africa is experiencing ‘a culture of non-payment for public services’. A large number of municipalities and institutions are owed billions of Rands in revenue from their respective customers. Arguably, majority of these customers rely on government to subsidize basic services as they cannot afford to pay. However, the […]

Customer Reviews, Like Customer Service, is the Backbone of the Hospitality Industry

Gone are the days when any company or business does not care what customers think about it. Nowadays, at any moment, an unhappy customer can share their opinion with the masses through social media and negatively affect the reputation of a business or company. In this age of automation and innovation, caring for your customers […]

The Ten Commandments of Exceptional Customer Service: The Future of Customer Service

Nobody can predict what the future holds for us, but we can study trends, learn lessons and past experiences, in order to predict what may happen in future. What we can already predict is that neither technology nor innovation, will take away a human touch in customer service. It is clear that the hospitality industry […]

Service is our Way of Life

Let me share with you my experiences about South America, which changed my perception about the concept of service… I visited three countries in the year 2000: Bolivia, Chile and Nicaragua to learn about the ownership, operations and maintenance of community water and sanitation supply systems and the sustainability thereof. This study tour was sponsored […]

Igniting the Sleeping Giant and Unleashing Human Potential

Given the challenges men face today in South Africa and the world, this topic is more purposeful, relevant and urgent. MEN have a greater responsibility. Men hold positions of power and have a bigger influence. We are leaders in many respects and we have an obligation to lead and guide society. Today many respectable men […]

My Favourate Top 50 Quotations from Llama Confessions

Poverty retards and undermines people’s capacity to think, to learn and to grow. The scourge of poverty works against the rights of the poor and their dignity. Sunlight has become comparable to truthfulness and faithfulness. Many people are sincere, but less faithful, at least to themselves. In life, three types of hunger exist: sexual hunger, […]