Igniting the Sleeping Giant and Unleashing Human Potential

Given the challenges men face today in South Africa and the world, this topic is more purposeful, relevant and urgent. MEN have a greater responsibility. Men hold positions of power and have a bigger influence. We are leaders in many respects and we have an obligation to lead and guide society. Today many respectable men are in the news for wrong things.

Unpacking the concepts from a dictionary

IGNITING = to light up, to catch or cause fire, to explode, to set off

GIANT = huge, great, enormous, gigantic, massive, colossal, mammoth, immense, tremendous, mighty

UNLEASHING = unleashing greatness is a corner stone for leadership. Releasing, setting free, loosening, unloose, unbridle, untying, unchaining,

HUMAN POTENTIAL = ability, capability and capacity to develop into something in the future; skills, experience, talents, education

Knowledge is power. But applied knowledge is even more powerful

I always strive to apply and share the knowledge I have gained over time. To blend this with my personal life experiences, my gifts or blessings.

The above-mentioned title is action-oriented. Science confirms that for every action, there’s reaction. Reaction has its own outcomes or results, which can either be positive or negative. It can either lead to success or failure. Good or bad. This chain reaction is about the duality of life. Everything in life doubles. Whatever disappears, gets replaced by its opposite.


Igniting the sleeping giant and unleashing human potential is about striving for greatness, excellence and outstanding results. This is part of human nature. No human being wants to achieve bad results. Success is part of our DNA. We were all born to succeed



Examples of powerful affirmation:

Mohammad Ali:

“I am the greatest. I sting like a bee and fly like a butterfly”


For the llamas:

‘I want to ignite the sleeping giant. I want to unleash human potential’


Life Is a Journey and only God knows the Destination


I believe that travelling is a human right issue. Every human being is bound to travel. Travelling is key because you learn about other countries, peoples and their way of life. In 2000, I embarked on a study tour to South America (Bolivia, Chile and Nicaragua) to learn about water sector reforms and regulatory practices, including community management and ownership of water supply systems.

I interacted with diverse spectrum of individuals and organisations such as Chief Executive Officers of water companies, Superintendents/Regulators, cabinet ministers, mayors of municipalities and local communities or beneficiaries of community water supply services. Besides the knowledge and deep insight I gained from these conversations, I was blown apart by the scenery, culture and people of Bolivia and their way of life. This experiences compelled me to write a book (fiction), based on a treasured South American animal called Llama. A domesticated pack animal of the camel family found in the Andes. A beast of burden. A sacred or spirit animal. Llamas are purposeful animals for Bolivians. They are sociable and friendly with kids, provide security, clothing, pride, wool, meat and transport.

Llama Confessions is inspired by llamas and the 16th century Trans-Atlantic slavery, in the silver mining industry of Potosi and Mexico. This book explores issues of slavery, exploitation, sexuality, politics, fashion, art, mental health, romance and adventure. Travelling is central to lessons identified below. That is, travelling:

  • is not as expensive as one may think, especially if one plans for it on time
  • opens your eyes, mind and ears, giving you perspectives about life. Seeing the world through the eyes of others
  • provides self-introspection, by allowing you to find your purpose and passion in life
  • creates meaningful relationships with others
  • helps one learn new languages, cultures and other people’s ways of life
  • is educational as you can learn about the politics, history and unique environments
  • makes one’s dreams come true






A llama has a purpose. A value proposition.

Do you?

To assist you, spend a minute looking into a mirror and ask yourself the following questions:

Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?

There is a saying, if you don’t know where you’re going in life, chances are that you’ll end up nowhere/somewhere. Where you end up may come as a surprise to you. Unknowingly, that is the choice you would have made. To avoid this, you need to make your life to become purposeful. Ask yourself:

  • What is special about your life?
  • What makes you wake up every morning? What is your understanding of life?
  • What are my strengths (strong points) and weaknesses (limitations)
  • What do people think of you?
  • Do you regard yourself a happy person?
  • Do you think people like you?
  • Do you think you are a leader in your community or workplace?


The truth is, everyone has a purpose in life. No one was born poor, but our circumstances and thoughts made us so.

“Your circumstances and situations never keep you down. The only things that keep you down and keep you stuck are your thoughts.” ― John Kehoe, Mind Power Into the 21st Century




We all have gifts, talents and blessings. Have you already figured out yours?

We have all been blessed. You are all blessed.

Do you think you can bless others and become a blesser too? The bible makes it clear that ‘God blesses us not so we can live with greed, but so we can bless others’

Pray with and for others. Take negative thoughts out of your system.

Help others to unleash their potential. Become a volunteer. Organise football clinics at your local school. Clean the streets. Don’t expect anything in return. Give away what you have. Receive God’s favour and protection. The more you give, the more blessings/talents will come your way.




God is good to us. Look up to Him. Connect with a Super Power. Creator. The universe. It doesn’t mean on a Sunday you have to be at a place called CHURCH. If you find the time and willing to go there, that is a bonus.

Talk to trees. Animals. They are Gods creation. The universe. Somehow, we are all connected. Everything around us is connected to everything. Everything is energy. Universal energy. Your body needs one. Trees need one. Dogs, Donkeys, Llamas. The chair you seating on. The cell phone you are using. The shoes you’re wearing. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency. You can’t see this with a naked eye.

Like it or not, God talks to us all the time and in many different ways. Whatever you want, shall be granted. Good and bad things that happen to you, are God driven.

Life is a journey. Before you embark on your life journey, that is, going to work, grocery store, holiday, gym, anywhere, on your way, have conversations with God. Listen to God because God wants to be listened to.

Become God’s messenger. Appreciate small things in your journey.

Once you have developed a relationship with GOD, everything in your life will fall into place.




Falling in love is the most precious thing God has bestowed to us. Love is magic. Love is the most powerful emotion ever to be experienced by human beings. It is a feeling. Love is life. Love is happiness. God is love. Love is God.

Fall in love with something. Hug a tree. Embrace nature. Be happy. Rejoice. Don’t start conflict/fights. If possible, walk away from confrontation. Kill your enemies with kindness. Shower people with happiness. Happiness like air is in abundance. It’s free.

Protect those close to you. Children, women, parents, neighbours, community.

The secret is, if you don’t love yourself, you can’t expect to fall in love with others. Love yourself first, then you can love others.




Companies grow brands. Individuals too. Think of yourself as a successful brand.

How do you want to be remembered? Do you know your identity? Character. How do people perceive you?

Develop a mark around your name. Develop skills, personal attributes and values that others will emulate/like.

Figure out what you’re good at. Who follows you on social media and why?

Develop a brand before others do it for you.

Know your strengths and your weaknesses. Know your blessings, your gifts and talents.

Give back to the community.

There’s too much competition out there. What’s different from you to the next person? Uniqueness is key. Humility is virtue.

At the end, see how everything in life fits together

All 5 lessons are interlinked and inter-related. You can’t unleash other people’s potential if you don’t fit the 5 criteria or lessons. You can’t ignite the sleeping giant or unleash your own potential:

  • If you don’t know yourself and your purpose (O le motho fela?)
  • If you don’t want to share your gifts, talents and blessings
  • If you don’t communicate with God. God helps those who surrender to Him. Those who help themselves
  • If you don’t know love. How do you love others if you don’t love yourself
  • If you are not a brand. Not even some form of a label. Unknown or pretentious. Arrogant. People perceive you as a Fake. Bully. Untrustworthy. Unfaithful. How will you then unleash other people’s potential?

Message: Go out there and ignite the sleeping giants, unleash your potential. I wish this movement can grow from strength to strength. We should grow our villages, small towns, grow large towns, grow cities and show the whole world that we have the potential and capacity to IGNITE and UNLEASH our own potential and those of others.

My favorate Setswana quote from primary school that inspired me throughout my life journey:

‘Se ke eletsang gore se dirwe mo lefatsheng le o le sa kgoreletseng dikeletso tsa me’

Everything starts somewhere, with a small idea. At the end, death is certain. Life is a journey. Enjoy while it still lasts. Live it fully and leave behind a legacy.