LIFE is a canvas


We are born with a blank canvas. Individually, we are responsible for the pictures of our lives. When we grow up we acquire the tools (paint brushes, oils, etc) for painting. We are born to become successful. We deserve to be happy. Happiness is the greatest invention in our lifetime. Many people do not know this open secret. Some parents even name their children Happiness. Happiness is in abundance. But what is abundance, and how does it manifest (Remez & Dorina Sasson – Affirmation – Words with Power):

  • There is abundance of time.
  • There is abundance in love.
  • There is abundance of friendships.
  • There is abundance of opportunities.
  • There is abundance of fun, entertainment and celebrations.
  • There is abundance of food, music, cake.
  • There is abundance of sand on the beach, trees and flowers at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, water in the ocean.
  • There is abundance of everything on this planet.
  • You could also have abundance of spirituality in your life.
  • You may not have access to this abundance, especially when you refuse to embrace it. When you prevent it from manifesting in your life. This is why sometimes we don’t have the energy. Feeling stressed/depressed/unhappy.The one key lesson you can learn is to develop abundance consciousness. Become aware of yourself. Existence. Your destiny. Nobody can determine your destiny. God has given you the power to find purpose in life, to become fulfilled, attract money, succeed in business, at school, at work, getting rid of negative thoughts, build self-esteem/increase self-confidence, and much more.