The Ten Commandments of Exceptional Customer Service: The Future of Customer Service

Nobody can predict what the future holds for us, but we can study trends, learn lessons and past experiences, in order to predict what may happen in future. What we can already predict is that neither technology nor innovation, will take away a human touch in customer service.

It is clear that the hospitality industry is at the heart of customer service. By understanding the mind or psychology of a customer, we are closer to winning the hearts and minds of our customers.

Research shows that a customer wants to be listened to, taken seriously and appreciated. When their needs or expectations are met, they tend to be happy. The opposite is also true. When they feel their needs or expectations are not being met, they will go elsewhere, to your competitor, where they are appreciated and listened to.

There is also a significant growing body of evidence to suggest that meeting customer expectations consistently can have a significant impact on customer loyalty, and in turn, revenue. The following Ten Commandments can help us train or re-orientate customer-facing staff:

1. Knowing Yourself
Customer service is a feeling, a personal thing.
How can you be expected to serve others if you don’t know yourself?

2. Knowing Your Customer
Customer service is a personal covenant. How can you provide an exceptional customer service if you don’t know your customers or understand their needs?

3. Knowing Verbal Communication.
How can you serve others if you can’t communicate? Little things matter to them: tone of your voice, greetings, etc.

4. Knowing Non-Verbal Communication.
How can you communicate with people if you are not aware of your non-verbal behavior or your blind-spots. Small things matter to them: your eye contact, posture, appearance

5. Knowing the King:
Have you heard that ‘a customer is always right?’ Always try to give them what they want. Don’t trade loyalty for anything negative

6. Knowing Visual Appearance.
Your physical environment says a lot about what you think of your own customers. Ambience, décor, etc, say a lot about your business

7. Knowing Staff Empowerment.
If you treat your own employees like lemons, they will give your customers lemonade all the time

8. Knowing Extra Mile.
Customer experience is by far the most important feature or trait of any business. Give them a WOW experience, they’ll give you loyalty. Loyalty brings you the cash you want for your business

9. Knowing Problem Solving.
If you can’t solve customer problems, promptly, then you are in the wrong business. Customers expect answers. Now. 24 hours.

10. Knowing Positive Ending.
Everyone wants a happy ending. Seduce your customers. Give them something they‘ll remember as soon as they leave your premises. In return, they will give you loyalty.

The secret is now out, that companies and governments have no choice, but to invest in customer service. Not just any service, but an Exceptional Customer Service!!!!